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Our Decluttering
& Cleaning Services

Decluttering is the ability to let go of items that are no longer serving you or making you happy. Too much clutter can make us feel stressed and not knowing where to start can cause anxiety.

Our Decluttering services are for anyone who wants A calm, organized and relaxing space.

Ceiling to Floor Decor offers professional decluttering, organizing and cleaning with an emphasis on style and design. We help you to clear your clutter and create storage systems that work in your space in order to restore beauty and order.

We can declutter, clean and decorate apartments, condos, townhouses, single family homes, and vacation rentals.

Decluttering services

Small Project
Tackle one small area or project.
•Wardrobe Declutter & Organize
•Bathroom Tidy Up
•Pantry Organization
•Organize Paperwork

The Home
Way too much for one human to handle!
•Pre-Renovation Overhaul
•Kitchen & Pantry
•Attics & Garages
•House/Office Declutter
•Moving Houses
•Letting Go After A Bereavement

cleaning services

Our cleaning services are part of our home makeover service. We provide cleaning as an add on service for staging, decorating and decluttering to enhance the home makeover.

What’s included

Starts with a phone call and a walkthrough of the space.

We will send you a questionnaire to find out your needs and wants.

Provide a consultation with recommendations on how to organize and clean the space, along with recommended items to buy, with pictures and links to those items.

what to expect

Customers can expect a very personalized service. There is no need to tidy up before the home assessment! In order to fully assess what aspects of organization provides the most challenge in the home and to see exactly what clutter (if any) is present, we need to see everything as it usually is.

Every home has some clutter and disorganization to it. We understand that there are different reasons why disorganization takes place, and we look for opportunities to create solutions and harmony within your home.

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By clearing space, and reducing what we own, it becomes easier to get and stay organized.

We collaborate with homeowners to bring functionality, beauty and comfort to your home in the Truckee, Tahoe and Reno area.