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Our Decorating Services

We listen to our clients needs and execute their vision to create spaces that work for their unique lifestyle.

Our Decorating services are for anyone who wants to be proud of the space that they live.

Ceiling to Floor Decor does it all when it comes to decorating inviting, stylish spaces. We help you figure out the layout of a room, choose finishes, furniture, rugs and decor that is in-line with your design style.

We can deep clean and declutter your home to get it ready for a redesign.

We decorate apartments, condos, townhouses, single family homes, and vacation rentals.

Decorating services

update entire home
For anyone who just bought a new home and doesn’t know where to start, we can help decorate your entire home.

Single Room
Maybe you just have one room that needs a refresh or update; we can help you decide on a layout and decor that will maximize the functionality of the space.

We can help clients choose any or all of your finishes for your remodel, including flooring, counter tops, paint color, tile, etc. With our list of dealers and professional installers, we can select, order and coordinate installation of your finishes, allevating the stress of a remodel.

What’s included

We will conduct a walk through of the home, taking pictures and measurements of the space.

We will then send a questionnaire to determine your needs and wants.

After we receive the questionnaire, we will send you a mood board/inspiration photos of different design styles to help you choose the style that would best fit your personal taste and the style of your home.

We then provide a consultation with recommendations of how to decorate the space, along with recommended items to buy, with links and pictures to those items.

Once you receives the consultation, you can decide how to move forward with the process; either purchasing and installing the items yourself, or having us complete the process for you.

what to expect

Customers can expect a very personalized service. Each client can determine their level of involvement in the process; from approving each piece or a hands off approach, with a reveal at the end.

time and Cost

The amount of time and cost to complete a decorating project depends on the size of the property and extent of the project. Consultations range from $125-$425, dependent upon the number of rooms and the size of the project.

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Dedicated to creative collaboration with homeowners.

We collaborate with homeowners to bring functionality, beauty and comfort to your home in the Truckee, Tahoe and Reno area.